Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Lots of changes

Haven't made any posts for a while as my equine life has become somewhat turmoiled. Annie fell in the field in February and she has damaged her fourth lumbar vertibrae. This is where her pelvis sits. Unfortunately, after just over 9 weeks box rest and a cocktail of daily drugs, there is no improvement. We are waiting on decisions from a variety of vets and neurology specialists so that we can make a fair decision about her future health and welfare. Annie has hated being on box rest, and has become grumpy and intolerant. Here she is looking somewhat chirpier, chatting to a friend across the yard:

My search for another horse to continue my rider development has paid off, and I am now the wonderfully proud owner of Sacramenta Z - known at home to us as Grace! I have owned Grace for one month now, and I could not have wished for a more perfect pony! She is 7 years old, by Sandro Z. She has predominantly done showjumping up until now, but we believe she has fantastic potential as an event horse. She loves cross country and has amazing natural paces - I am just trying to master them!

We have had a couple of training sessions with Alison Kenward at home, some stressage with Sabrina Jones in Mursley and we are about to commence our XC training ready for the area horse trials on the 8th June! Also known as judgment day!

Here she is looking all shiny at home:

And a couple from Sabrina's the other day:

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